It is with great pleasure that Festival du Voyageur welcomes members from the media industry for the duration of the event. To assist with the administrative work, it is requested to complete the form available on this page. The media pass is complimentary and valid for one person only.

Application deadline: February 6, 2017

Accreditation Approval

Accreditation is reserved for working members of the media only. This includes:

  • Printed media
  • Photography
  • Radio
  • Television

Who doesn’t qualify for media accreditation?

  • YouTube, Facebook or Twitter pages/accounts, and personal blogs
  • Personal website writers

Media Accreditation Policy

  • Accreditation will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending Festival du Voyageur is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering the event as working news media.
  • Festival du Voyageur reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke previously issued Festival du Voyageur accreditation at any time.
  • A history of being previously approved for Media Accreditation at Festival du Voyageur does not guarantee approval or waive the accreditation requirement.
  • Misconduct or misrepresentation of your position, outlet/publication or staff could prevent you and your entire organization from attending future FDV events.
  • A media pass gives you access into the festival public access areas only.
  • Festival du Voyageur does not allow media in Voyageur Park during the Great-West Life School Program.
  • Festival du Voyageur does not allow media to do photo-ops on site unless otherwise approved.

Please contact Mélanie Bédard with any other press inquiries. All applicants will be contacted with confirmation or denial of the request along with further instructions.

Thank you in advance for your time and we appreciate your interest in and support of Festival du Voyageur!

Media Accreditation

  • Please indicate names and positions

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